Monday, July 29, 2013

Now is the Start

New writing journal handmade by Faith.
A la my Instagram
.     .     .     .

 The start never comes when I expect it.

September's hope at my shiny new home, my college, faded to a rainy, late October. On Thursday - my least favorite day full of my three least favorite classes - I remembered a Starbucks gift card of $4.77 attached to my key ring. A dear friend, having little to offer, gave it to me before I left home.

"Use it for an emergency."

Walking out of the fine arts building, my heart told me today was that emergency.

Remembering once spotting a Starbucks in the student union, I stopped by for a vanilla latte and sat at a small table to the side, where I could notice people coming, waiting, and going.

I can't remember why, but I had a writing pad my mom bought for me, and she never buys those. Writing had always been a love of mine, but I never found a story in me.

That day, not wanting to think of what upset me, I wrote a silly scene about a boy asking a girl for help in hiding from his sister.

Four years worth of Saturdays passed there, writing and expanding from that scene.

My dog days were over.

.     .     .     .

When was your start?


  1. My beginning didn't start as clearly as yours, but in the moments from my youth and the way my illustrative imagination would get the best of me had congealed into one, telling me it wanted to be born; my very own story.

    Before, I had dreamed dreams of other's stories, and yet I was never satisfied. By piecing together all of what I found interesting in a heroine's tale and starry night dreams, a name had came out of my mouth while a special show was playing behind me. Cards and toys of various magical characters were tossed about the floor beneath me, posed for action while I am waiting for a line on the telly...

    "I am Sailor Moon! Champion of love and justice," I grabbed the nearest remote control...hearing my cue.

    "Annd I am Sailor Infinity~!" What was once an ordinary tool had transformed in my grasp a beautiful scepter; guilded with gold and silver, studded with the deepest rubies. An eight pointed star shines at the top of the scepter, piercing through memories of loneliness, frustration, and nightmares.

    Together, in a manner if seen out of context would be labeled as lunacy, Sailor Moon and I ready ourselves for the worst of enemies,




    Thank you for sharing your memory of the beginning of how you started on your writing of "Earth Calling"~! ^__^ Its good to know the emergency coffee was used in the best possible way~ you're so blessed! <3

    sorry, I had to share because you asked the question. ^^;;
    it just wanted to burst out!! xDD

    Lovely writing, may dear Natalie! I look forward to more of your comments on your creative, narrative live soon!! :3


    1. Thank you for visiting and leaving such a lovely comment! I loved imagining the scene as it unfolded. Starts are always stories, and there's something so beautiful in how ordinary it first appears, like a little girl watching TV.
      Keep fighting in the name of the moon and all the cosmos!

  2. it seems strange to me the titles of buildings. "the fine arts" building; as if the arts are somehow contained inside.

  3. Such a lovely post, Natalie! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm excited to follow yours along:) Hope you're having a great day!

  4. "Starts are always stories..." that's such hopeful, kind of magical idea. I love it.