Monday, August 12, 2013

Read & Eat: Indianapolis

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Artwork from Eli Lilly, the Canal, gondolas, the monorail -- Indianapolis gets prettier and prettier. Fittingly, we find more and more interesting local eateries.

The family and I lunched at Creation Cafe in downtown Indianapolis. We ate outside where we could look over the canal and the gondolas from the shade. The falafel was tasty (first timer!), but eating came before photography. Woops!

{End of the Canal as part of our view}
Their food menu is notably limited, but the drink and dessert menu looked like a novella. Evening Nutella gelato on the water, anyone? There were a few cozy sitting areas surrounded by twinkle lights, and I can easily imagine a future late evening there for one of their imported wines and mayhaps a slice of cake (all of their cakes are from the local Cake Stand).

{From atop the Marion County Central Library}
The family was interested in checking out the new Central Library. A Peanuts display, library cafe, baking books -- talk about feeling in my element!

There were a few other great displays with exotic instruments with sound samples. And the Blind Date with a Book display had these little hints about what the book might be about. If only that parking meter hadn't been ticking!

The marshmallows on today's sundae: petites lettres from a camp counselor friend! Silly as it is, I get so happy over letters that I put off reading them to draw it out.

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Adventured anywhere new lately?


  1. Aren't falafels delicious? I love a good library and that one sounds like a good one.

  2. Looks like a great time! That Peanuts display looks really cool and there's nothing like visiting a good library. I love the smell of old books:) Hope you have a great weekend!