Saturday, September 21, 2013

Six Thousand Steps

.     .     .     .

The times I feel most alive and creative are on my feet.

The right drink
Summer mornings meant a miniature sheltie or a shar pei scratching at my door for a walk before the summer heat set in. For the first time in all of my remembered summers, no one came.

Going from the constant action of summer camp to lethargy at home sapped me. I felt myself growing sad and didn't want that, so I took to heart the human need to walk at least six thousand steps everyday.

An old wellness professor told me six thousand steps a day means less anxiety and depression, that the brain simply works better.

I go where I walked my dogs. Far down the side of the street then onto a hidden sidewalk leading into a large neighborhood of beautiful houses, thick trees, and sloping sidewalks. The sprinklers come on around 8 am, a little fact known from my dog walking days. I enjoyed it more than they did.

Hot days mean feeling the heat rolling down my back in wave after wave. Cooler days are brisk walks with music in my ears.
Mon favorit
.     .     .     .

Are you the Elizabeth Bennet of walking or do you get creativity going another way?


  1. I definitely agree that getting out and just walking around does wonders for my mood and creativity. Sometimes when I sit too long, I lose all my motivation and a simple walk or bike ride helps me feel restored. I love the house you posted. Looks like beautiful scenery:)

  2. This is lovely, Natalie! You make me want to walk! ...and write this beautifully...

  3. izzys are the best - yum! :) and yes, walking and getting out of your normal element def helps spur on the creativity!