Monday, January 6, 2014

Sleep So Soundly

.     .     .

I didn't think I had it in me to get up today. There was no foreseeable reason to open the blinds.

But it's not so simple for a writer to stay like that. Unoccupied, I'm always visited by one or two characters. One lazed about beside me and said ridiculous things, like who had the worse case of bedhead (we both considered ourselves the winner). Another tried coaxing me up and, frustrated, conspired with her father then promised to trick me into it later. She came through on that promise.

Repose, regardless of reason, always ignites creative minds.

So how could I ever be deficient in company? Only by not letting them in. I've lately shut out many lovely people in my life.

My last evening in Rome, I hurt my hand jumping off a wall. As my handsome companion looked it over, he told me some wounds need the light to heal.

So, I'll open the blinds and curl my hair while story characters fill my head with words lovely like a lullaby.

.     .     .

Christian Riemensc

{source unknown}



Long Exposure Photograph of Gold Fireflies in Japan by Colossal


Music with Rae

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 What have your characters done for you?

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